Harlan Humiston

Pastor Harlan has been involved in various forms of Christian Ministry for over 30 years, beginning as a Youth Pastor in Madras Oregon and ending up as Lead Pastor here at Cascade Bible Church. Harlan began his career in ministry as founder and Executive Director of Central Oregon Youth for Christ, and a Church Planter for a new congregation in LaPine Oregon. He has also served as a Senior Pastor for churches in Bend Oregon, Decatur Illinois, and Aurora Colorado. During the middle years of his career in ministry he was an Associate Pastor and Executive Pastor for a large church in Wenatchee Washington. Through the start up stages of churches with 12 in attendance, through leading larger churches with 28 full time staff and 1500 in attendance, Harlan has developed a pastoral ministry that focuses on developing younger leaders, bringing out the best in God’s people, and teaching people the practical steps of Spirit Filled living.
Harlan and Linda are the parents of six adult children and grandparents of 5, and in addition to speaking at conferences and providing marriage counseling, they enjoy the outdoor lifestyle of the Methow Valley. Harlan’s favorite down time activities are fly fishing the rivers of NCW, and telling endless stories of the accomplishments of his children and grandchildren.
Harlan and Linda both attended Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky where they met and fell in love. Harlan’s degree was a double major in Psychology and New Testament Studies, and he later entered the M Div. program at Asbury Theological Seminary. Harlan is also a founding member of the American Association of Christian Counselor’s, and a trainer for Prepare/Enrich and the DiSC Personality Assessment instrument.

Myron Wengerd

Fully persuaded that Jesus accomplished everything that we need for life, right now, and not just in the future.

Lonnie Good

Hi, I’m Lonnie Good, I am the worship leader here at CBC. My beautiful bride and I are songwriters and it’s fun to incorporate some of the songs we write into our worship set. I would love it if you would come by and visit us. Maybe I could share my “God Story” with you, or should I say, “stories” as each day is a new beginning and a new story of grace in my life.

Cheryl McCauley

Hello, my name is Shari.
Music is my joy and singing my passion. Our Worship Leader, Lonnie Good is a prolific songwriter. One of those is titled “You Came After Me”. That is what God did…gently, sweetly, and fervently. When I stopped running from Him and ran to Him, I found true love.
At Cascade Bible Church I found family. The people here embraced me with genuine Christ like love. I am honored to serve as assistant Worship Leader… I get to sing from my heart to the God who loves me. It does not get better than this.
I hope you will visit, and I ask: “What is your passion?”

Holly Wilmot

Children’s Ministry Director & Custodian
I moved to Washington in 2010 (from Southern Oregon) with my amazingly awesome hubby Ben and at the time 2 yr old daughter Cuileann (Ki-lynn). Ben and I both graduated from Umpqua community college with AA’s, mine in Business Management and Technology. Ben received a job working with his uncle Ron Race at RRRaceway locksmithing. Later, Ben and I were blessed with another baby girl in 2011, Jasmine.
In 2012, I was accepted to the position of CBC Kids Church Director. One the best gifts God gave me! I always thought I would start up my first business once I moved, but God had something better in mind! The Lord knows how to stretch and pull you to make you into a beautiful work of art!
From 2014 to 2015, I led CBC Kids Church ages 7-12. I recently accepted the role of Children’s Ministry Director.
I’m super excited about what God is doing in my life, my family’s lives, and my Church family’s lives. Come and see how the Holy Spirit is moving at CBC!

Josh Thomson

Youth Group Leader
Josh Thomson is a husband, father, youth leader, engineer, and outdoor enthusiast. He has been married to Jackie since 1999, and has four kids: Aksel, Bailey, Bodie, and Caleb. Josh has been involved in youth ministry for 15 years. He is a graduate of Gonzaga University, and works as an engineer for the county, maintaining roads and bridges. His favorite activities involve the outdoors: backpacking, camping, hiking, hunting, dirt biking, photography, and exploring.

Jennifer Floyd
In 1996, I met the one whom my soul longs for. Andy was my high school sweet heart; we dated for 5 years and in August of 1999, my dad and Andy’s pastor married us under the big pine trees in the park. We moved to Seattle to complete our degrees. I graduated from Whatcom Community College in 2000 with a degree in Business Administration.
After Andy’s graduation from Seattle Pacific University, we moved back home! We purchased Andy’s childhood home and were blessed with two incredible girls. My favorite things include running, hiking, biking, cooking and family giggles.
Ray (Pete) Peterson
Media Director & Maintenance
I am 70 y/o and was raised in the Seattle and Monroe Washington areas. I started visiting the Methow Valley in the 1970’s. My main activities were riding my horses in the Sawtooth and Pasayten Wildernesses. I fell in love with the Valley and bought land here in the 1980’s. I retired and moved to the Valley with my wife Avis in 2006 building a house on the East Chewuch Rd.
Before I retired in 2004, I worked for 34 years as an environmental scientist for the U.S. EPA in Seattle and my career involved many years of experience in the development of internet web applications, including those involved in public outreach and education.
I truly enjoy working with social media and public communication and will always strive to continue to improve Cascade Bible Church’s openness, communication, and outreach to the public and its Church family.